Wednesday, September 02, 2015

EA Sports has finally released its annual soccer game masterpiece "FIFA" series of new works "FIFA 16" the latest news, and this time directly burst - Women's confirmation was added to this for.
Some may think this is a whim EA, or they are just following the game the gender equality of the wave. But in fact, looking forward to seeing the sonorous rose in the "FIFA" series of players, they have been waiting for this moment waited too long. Let the game take you look back from the beginning of time and let you know about women's football in the end is how to join "FIFA" .

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Early in 2011, a man named Lexi Peters 14-year-old girl particularly liked hockey, not only like to go to the rink to play hockey, she also likes to play at home, "NHL (National Hockey League)," the game. But her "NHL" in the player's self gender can not be set for women angry, she felt it "not fun", so huff wrote a letter to EA.

EA's customer service obviously bureaucratic jargon, tell the girl everything is possible. Obviously, this young lady is more angry reply, but she did not know her, but somehow this letter but went "NHL 12" producer David Littman, chief of the table, he thought the girl gave them a reminder In fact women also "NHL" an important audience sports game series, but they really missed before this group. So in the NHL by the official consent was after, "NHL" where players can create their own gender setting, and this little girl of one meter Lexi 5 looks set to be the default appearance female players.

Looks "FIFA" adding women just around the corner, after all, carry handle EA Sports in its series on the market should be actively marketing actively learn, but more importantly, like football players in the world than like women Puck much more.
??But the fact is not so matter of course.
??Not only was the "FIFA 12" is no women's football news, and even "FIFA 13" before the introduction of its new features are also not mentioned. These so full looks forward to "FIFA" in women's football players landed disappointed.

However, with the 2012-London Olympics women's soccer project has been a lot of attention of American audiences. And that the United States Olympic women's football semi-final derby against Canada in North America, it is the United States concern for women's football to a new height. Ago in the United States and Japan Women's finals, a man named Fernanda Schabarum living in the United States in the famous Brazilian female players petition website launched a petition requesting to join the Women in the EA Sports "FIFA" game, in particular to join Women's National Team.


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