Friday, October 30, 2015

FIFA video game series from EA Sports is the world's undisputed champion. It has become the highest-selling annual franchise and rake in hundreds of millions more every release revenue figures. It is not just a financial success - it has been among the best games regardless of the quality and content levels from. Despite these figures, "FIFA 16" is a down year for the franchise. It is difficult to reconcile that feeling as the game is still large in many ways, but a major feature addition, the draft FUT, is a major disappointment and even the existence of its implementation on thin borders, as well as some new setbacks have emerged games .

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There are two types of occupation. As a coach, you will take over the club and the team's management, control of the team on the pitch. Alternative lets you start your career as a young player, and constantly develop and improve over the years. You can finally retiring as a player, and then continue your career as a manager. The following guidelines are mainly caters to the first option, if you choose to play a manager. Your next step will involve the management of scouts. You can build a network in the world, up to six agents spy on gamers. Excellence scout, more accurate their observations. In the command menu, you can define up to six specific types of players to look for, but before doing so, you should define your team.

One of the most progressive and exciting new features in FIFA 16 in my opinion is the first elected female players in the game. Twelve women's national team is ready to compete, but these are not simple modification of the male players Hasty universal model either. Portrait mode was captured with other Pro League legends, each team is imbued with a statistical reflection of these athletes compete at a high level. They are not simply delegate as a curiosity or exhibition, as a new franchise is often the first time they are introduced into an established sports game series. The women's team to compete in the race day, athletics offline, online and on-line season friendlies.

EA has confirmed that the outage had on Twitter, as usual, it reveals FIFA 16 servers can not be backed up to 12:00 UK time on Xbox PS4 one, PC and other platforms. Maintenance entry earlier this morning 7:00 am British time, EA must be fixed so something more serious, to make the game that much time completely paralyzed. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team principal way for most gamers, so if FIFA 16 Web application does not work - Players will not be pleased, especially during the holidays. Let's hope FUT 16 servers at a time on top of the backup and will not be further maintained, we have seen in the past.

Make FIFA 16 rotating ball free kick PS4, press and hold the left stick up, hold L1, then press Circle to shoot. You need to make sure that your side has the power to three bars, and two defenders against the wall. For those who ask how do FIFA 16 Xbox rotation kick a ball, apply the same procedure, but hold down the left trigger, hold LB, then press B. It is important that you do not move much corruption in the defense of defenders, Whether it is to try to attack or disarm the players to stop. Particular attention to tackle, must be accurately executed, or leave your goal exposed.

Time out your instructor sadistic fantasies in FIFA poor, abused players Avatar: Career management personnel can now specify up to five training exercises each week for individual players. Not only is it a good way to improve player information, but you might learn a thing or two on the way forward. But if you strive to master some skills, just want the best results - because some of the training exercises are rosy hard - simulation results and you are more likely to get a greater statistical improvement.


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