Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today, according to FIFA's ethics guidelines, Blatter decided to be released after the court ruling of an independent ethics committee, a temporary ban on all his football, FIFA President for all positions in the national and international levels.

Blatter, 90 days for the duration of the ban, it does not allow any name on behalf of FIFA, acting on behalf of the organization, or to the media or other stakeholders as FIFA representatives.

Since the authorization of FIFA Statutes Article 32 (6), Issa Hayatou, FIFA Executive Committee in serving as vice president by the longest time, will serve as Acting President of FIFA.

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It was also announced that a 90-day temporary injunction ruling Independent Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce issued by the Ethics Committee for the FIFA Secretary General, yeah? I Valcke.

This decision follows the FIFA announced September 17, 2015, the organization has the Lord? I Valcke vacation, effective immediately release him from his duties. On this day, FIFA requires a formal investigation by the ethics committee.

All operations Affairs will continue to be supervised by Markus Kattner, Acting Secretary General.


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