Wednesday, October 14, 2015

FIFA and the International Football Association Board (IFAB), together, are invited to e-performance and tracking system (EPTS), including wear, camera-based technology, manufacturers make their own system, the two organizations. Possible quality standards, inspection procedures and the player details preventative medical benefits will be discussed at a meeting during the week of November 16, held on.

Since many teams and training purposes EPTS device has been used to control and improve the performance of their players, the request made by the IFAB has been in the game allows players to wear such a device. Soccer's rule-making body approved in principle the use of wearable technology at this year's 129th anniversary of the Belfast conference on February 28. However, the decision is based on two conditions: that is, until EPTS been shown to have preventive medical benefits, its data can not be used within a real-time technology, but also wearable system must not cause anyone any dangerous field on game play. Therefore, further research and market analysis, a need for quality assessment of different systems are available, the use of data, and the authorization process.

FIFA and the IFAB then provided to EPTS, tasks similar to those already in place to develop goal-line technology, football and soccer turf quality of the program. FIFA Quality Programme was introduced in 1996 and helped establish the quality and reliability in its relationship to the industry standard most footballers in: for game equipment, surface, technologies and services.

Companies interested in participating in this meeting may contact

Invite only open to electronic properties and tracking systems manufacturer and is valid until the end of October 2015.We launched a global standard EPTS more details will be provided in due course.

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