Monday, December 03, 2018

FUT Swap Players
Kevin Lasagne – ST – Udinese – 84 OVR (4 FUT Swap Items)
Jefferson Lerma – CDM – Bournemouth – 84 OVR (6 FUT Swap Items)
Layvin Kurzawa – LB – PSG – 84 OVR (9 FUT Swap Items)
Kevin Gameiro – ST – Valencia – 86 OVR (14 FUT Swap Items)

You unlock these players by completing SBCs for them. All you need to do is input the required number of FUT Swap items into the player SBC and you’ll be rewarded with them. Keep in mind that the requirements are slightly higher for December than they were in September, though. Simply head to the Squad Building Challenges part of FIFA 19, scroll along to FUT Swap Deals, and you’ll see them.

FUT Swap Items
Now for the complicated part of how to get FUT Swap items and players in FIFA 19. Between now and the first week of January, you will be given the chance to earn 14 FUT Swap Items. They will be special versions of players that you can either keep or exchange in the FUT Swap player SBCs. They will be offered in a variety of ways throughout the mode, such as Weekly Objectives, Squad Battles, and SBCs. Below is a rundown of everything you need to do to get the 14 FUT Swap items and players for December 2018. It will be updated throughout the month as more are released before the new year.

Sunday, Dec. 2 – One will be given to you for free when you next enter Ultimate Team.

The above is everything you need to know about how to get FUT Swap items and players in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team for December 2018. For more information about buy cheap fifa 19 coins, be sure to check out our site here.


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