Wednesday, January 02, 2019

How Does It Work?
The ultimate example of this method in action would be a player scoring a hat-rick in a televised Premier League game. The bigger the game, the more likely it is that the player's price would rise. In this instance, we would recommend that you purchase multiple versions of this player as soon as it happens, as their FUT price will increase very quickly.

Who to Buy & When to Sell?
This will also work with lesser known players scoring a couple of goals, as their popularity and demand generally tends to increase over a short period. Knowing exactly when to sell these players is fundamental, experience is the best teacher when it comes to this. Our advice is - don't be greedy, take your profit and move on! The price of the player will eventually max out and begin to drop, so don't sell too late.

Which Games & Cards Work Best?
Investing in player performances also works well during the UEFA Champions League, as this is another prime time in the football world. The best way of implementing this trading method is to use FIFA 19 OTW cards. If a One to Watch player performs well and features in the TOTW, their OTW card will be upgraded, resulting in a significant increase in value.

Can You Save Coins Using This Method?
You can also save FUT coins by keeping an eye on real life performances. If you have an IF card, and that player performs well, you will want to sell your original IF card ASAP! This is due to the fact that they will decrease in price, as users will be more interested in their new IF card. Be mindful of which position the player is playing in though - position changes can massively affect the price of a FUT card either way.

FIFA 19 investing in player performances can be the quickest way to make a lot of FUT coins, but it does require you to be ready to trade at the drop of a hat. Monitoring these games and your players in real life can ultimately increase your FUT coins, which can enable you to buy better players to improve your FIFA Ultimate Team.

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