Friday, January 18, 2019

FIFA 19 has unveiled a new and unprecedented promotion for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) with the ‘Future Stars’ update. Specially enhanced cards for an expected 23-man squad of some of the best rising stars in football all over the world will become available in packs on 6 PM, Friday in the UK. In addition, don't forget there is cheap fifa 19 coins offered on our site.

The full squad will be revealed on Friday in the UK. So far, only three player cards have been revealed:
Matthijs de Ligt 80 > 92
Phil Foden 73 > 88
Vinícius Júnior 77 > 92

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the Future Stars squad, players must be 23 years old or younger and must not yet be an established star. The rating upgrades are in line with what many believe the players are capable of becoming. This may mean that FUT players can use the Future Stars in-game as if they have already achieved star-status, along with the high FIFA 19 stats that come with it, in real life.

While there is a lot of speculation on who will round out the Future Stars squad, as well as how the promotion itself will systematically work, we can only wait until EA Sports reveals everything on Friday.

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