Monday, January 07, 2019

Does Team & Player Chemistry Really Matter?
The key to picking a FUT Draft team is making sure that you have 100 chemistry, or as close to that as you can get. Your players will feel and play significantly better in-game when they have high/full chemistry. This is done by picking players from the same league, nation or you can create a hybrid team.

Should You Go for High Rated Players?
After your first few player picks, you should know the route you're going to take in terms of chemistry. Changing this throughout your squad selection can cause your chemistry to be much lower. You can pick lower rated players to fit your squad for chemistry purposes and then sub them out once the game has started.

Which Players Should You Pick?
Picking players by rating isn't always the best way to go about selecting your team. We advise that you pick your players based on their FUT price, as this is the best indication of their quality. Do remember, this is not the case with cards like UCL LIVE players as dynamic live item's prices are inflated due to their potential.

Which Formation Should You Choose?
Before picking your team, you will get the option of five different formations. We advise picking a formation with four at the back as it helps to provide more balance to your team. Three at the back is much more attacking and will create more goals in your games, although it is difficult to defend and can cause you to lose matches.

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